Rika Nishimura is an expert feng shui consultant specializing in feng shui auditing and property selection. Her clients range from residential appointments to companies of all industries including retail stores, restaurants and offices from various business sectors.


“harmonic space” is a consultancy based on the Islands of Malta and Costa Brava, Spain. Rika received extensive training in Chue Style feng shui with some of the leading authorities in the world of feng shui. In addition to the above mentioned services, she offers property selection services, auspicious date selection, I- Ching and Bazi horoscope readings, urban planning, garden and landscape planning with appointed landscape architects and home staging services for property sale in co-operation with appointed interior designers.


It is Rika's outmost concern to create a healthy and auspicious living and working environment for the benefit of her clients. Contact her to find out how she could help you improve your business and personal life.