Rika Nishimura is dedicated in helping create abundance, happiness and progress in all of your way. Feng shui is synonymous to flowing energies and therefore essential for creating empowering space. She believes that stagnant energy in space can be cleared, and in turn has a positive impact on the individual's life. Get in touch with Rika if you wish to establish a powerful new beginning in your life and create a harmonious living environment.


Based on the Islands of Malta, Rika received extensive training in Chue Style feng shui with some of the leading authorities in the world of feng shui.

The tradition of Chue style feng shui dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1280). Along with close observations of our natural surroundings and how it affects us, the core of this tradition has its origins in the 64 Hexagrams of the I-Ching. It's the most advanced, accurate and powerful style of feng shui in the world. Hidden secrets lay within the hexagrams and its unique interpretations have been passed on through generations of feng shui Masters of the Imperial courts of China and exclusively applied for the benefit of royal families and their governments.


Her services include traditional 64 Hexagram Feng Shui, property selection services, auspicious date selection, I- Ching and Bazi horoscope readings, urban planning, garden and landscape planning with appointed landscape architects and home staging services for property sale in co-operation with interior designers.


We wish to create a healthy, auspicious, living and working environment for the benefit of our clients. Contact harmonic space to find out how they could help you improve your business and personal life.


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