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harmonic space specialised in property planning and pre-purchase consultations. The customer portfolio consists of individual clients with residential properties, as well as retail businesses, and corporate offices from various sectors. The objective is to create empowering space and a smooth project execution through close collaboration with designers and architects.

The vast subject of Feng Shui is multidimensional in nature. In ancient times it was applied for settlement planning, weather forecasting, horoscope readings, urban and necropolis planning, date selection, space clearing, and divination. We are energetically connected to all properties we own or live in. Healing our space means that we are healing all those properties related to us, including the ones from the past, as well as future properties that are yet to manifest.

We choose properties that are best suited to help facilitate healing the very core issue and mirror our life situation through the resonance principle. Flow, abundance, and synchronicity happen once a healing process has been initiated. It has a positive rippling effect on all other areas of life and it is in this state, when things just fall into place naturally and effortlessly. 

Property layout, room selection, placements of furniture and spiritual objects are merely tools that are used to help facilitate a process. It is an important factor because the more relaxed and comfortable we feel in a space, the more we open up to strengthen our alignment with our true essence. Trust that everything happens in perfect timing. Our higher consciousness knows when we are ready for change. Oftentimes, clients move house once they have cleared an issue on an emotional level. So, if someone is looking to move and the right property is not coming up, most of the time, it means that a particular karma hasn’t been sufficiently addressed. When a calling hasn’t been honoured, the new property is likely to come with the same karmic lesson to work as a catalyst to amplify challenges until we release resistance.

Nothing is more natural than flow and change. Feng Shui assists you with a smoother and protected transition to your next level of manifestation



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Property Selection & Classical Feng Shui Consultation

I have met a lot of Feng Shui experts, Rika is the one I count on.

She's kind, passionate and absolutely brilliant in her hightly personalized suggestions. Whether it was choosing a new property or optimizing an existing one for the whole family, we felt immediately the difference after her recommendations in terms of happiness, harmony and prosperity in that home.

I will not move again without her advice."

Francesca, Spain

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