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Peace and Harmony

Live with purpose and accomplish what feels true to your heart

We all know houses in which history seems to repeat itself. Whether it affects people's health, relationships, or finances, properties have a stronger impact on our lives than meets the eye. Our environment has the power to change how we think and feel about life and relate to ourselves as well as others. In a way we are literally co-creating our lives with the energies of our homes because everything is interconnected.

Whenever we are in a recovery situation and trying to heal physically or emotionally it is crucial to stay in a supportive energetic environment. Otherwise, it may prolong or interfere with the healing progress. The benefits of living and working in a harmonious space can be truly life changing and essential for a fulfilling life.

Tell-tale signs for living in a healthy space:

It feels cosy and comfortable. Nothing about the space bothers you somehow or feels tiring in any way

Unexpected windfalls and blessings both in material and immaterial form and feeling open to receive them

Overall wellbeing and health improvement, feeling safe, and held in the place

Feeling empowered and having a sense of accomplishment. "Everything is possible"

Deeply meaningful opportunities align

The body is always honest:

feeling at ease, energised, expansive, and in a better place to deal with everyday life demands

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 My Divination Tool - A Compass

Several measurements are taken at the property during an on-site visit. The compass has 36 rings carrying astrological, calendric, and hexagram information which are required for an interpretation of the energetic qualities of a property. Matching the measurements with the date of birth of the client is the foundation for any type of consultation.

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Space Clearing

Have your place cleared and imbued with pristine light - a sacred energetic quality to enjoy a more serene, uplifting, and happy everyday life and work experience

Always trust your intuition and honour your knowing when it comes to the energetics of your living and work space. If you sense that it needs deeper energetic clearing, it usually does. Think of how your life has changed since you moved property, to another office room, or a specific event has shifted the feel of the place. Space Clearing is an ancient tradition which is found in all cultures. A variety of tools and techniques can be applied in the process depending on the clearing purpose. The most popular tools are salt, sound, herbs, crystals, water, vortex tools, and sacred symbols just to mention a few. A clearing session is particularly beneficial at a time of new beginnings in life, childbirth, relocation, marriage, or offices and commercial space of any kind. It offers an opportunity for a fresh start and removes accumulated density after intense use or conflict situations.

I work with various Metatronic energies to clear a property or land. A connection can be bridged from any distance and the healing energies arise from oneness. I almost exclusively work remotely and request a floorplan or a photo of the place to be cleared.

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Property Selection

A property can make or break a personal or business endeavor

Every property has strength and weaknesses just like a human being. Once you understand the nature of a place you are given a choice with guidance. Whether you are buying a property as an investment or for personal use, choosing the one which is best aligned energetically has a positive impact on your life. It is like adding a strong player to your personal team. The stronger the energetic connection the more support you can potentially receive, just like a plant which is planted in the right spot and continues to grow and thrive naturally. Since the suitability of a property is the most important factor it is also the best timing for a consultation.
I offer my assistance in pre-selecting properties. Together with your trusted estate agent I can view all places that are eligible and hand pick the most suitable for you before we see them together. It saves you time and effort. I may also assist with choosing a property for off-plan purchase.

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Spiritual Property Planning

Eliminate Stress &
Create More Flow and Joy in Your Life

Empowering space is a healthy space. It helps to alleviate stress, brings a deeper sense of clarity, and focus. While some influences are universal and affect every person in a similar way others are more specific and unfold individually. Our astrological resonance with a property, personal history, and amount of time we spend in it are key to understanding how it influences our lives. Holistic property planning concepts are based on energy readings of the land and property and create a deeper alignment with nature. Eliminating unnecessary stress caused by disharmonies in your home energies is essential for a healthier life.

Image by Hutomo Abrianto
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What I consider in spiritual property planning:

Astrology of the residents

Property directions (using the 64 hexagrams compass above)

Structures and layout

Creating dynamics with form, lighting, perspectives

Individual room assignments

Placements of spiritual objects

Auspicious date selection

Installations and exterior alignment

Color selection and furniture arrangement

Energy enhancement with vortex cards

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Services: Testimonials
Modern Kitchen

I have met a lot of Feng Shui experts, Rika is the one I count on.

She's kind, passionate and absolutely brilliant in her hightly personalized suggestions.

Whether it was choosing a new property or optimizing an existing one for the whole family, we felt immediately the difference after her recommendations in terms of happiness, harmony and prosperity in that home.

I will not move again without her advice."

Francesca, Spain

Property Selection & Classical Feng Shui Consultation

Buddha Statue

Hallo Rika,

Just want to say hallo and thank you for the very powerful balace you did on me last Monday. I felt so light and bright afterwards and I have had so much energy during the rest of the weeek. I also enjoyed and appreciated to get some time to talk and learn to know each other.

Elisabeth, Sweden

Empowerment Process


Rika’s BaZi reading has been really helpful. She has been able to clarify different areas of my life in a very simple and yet very detailed way. She has been very kind and keen to let me understand what is going on in my life and which steps I could make to improve and go forward. Her approach is really practical and “down to earth " therefore it makes it easy to implement in your daily life all the wisdom and suggestions that she shares during the reading. I strongly recommend it!

Donato, United Kingdom

BaZi Astrology Reading

Rock Balancing

Thank you Rika for the amazing and profound balance I received from you! I feel so great and such a relief after releasing the old patterns from my body and soul. Your guiding during the balance was excellent and I feel so safe with you. Looking forward to the next one and many many more!

Tuula, Finnland

Spiritual Growth

Interior Design

Rika did a consultation for our new house. The whole consultation was very inspiring and we enjoy implementing her recommendations which really resonated. She is knowledgeable and we gained deeper insight regarding the spiritual and emotional aspects of our home. We appreciate all of her wisdom and guidance. Thank you, Rika.

Emma, Germany

Classical Feng Shui Project - Refurbishment

Food Blogger

Last year I used to have different food allergies. I had a Life Alignment session with Rika Nishimura,where she went trough my body energy and was able to find the source of the problem. Afterwards I start to make some lifestyle Changes and  now my allergies are gone. Thanks a lot Rika!

Veronica, Germany

Food Allergies

Chin Pose

Rika unerringly hits the heart of the subject with her questions. 

I feel I am in good hands with her. She creates a safe space in which I can expand and develop.She took me on a Life Alignment journey to deepen my connection with my true self. I feel a profound sense of alignment and awareness. Simply amazing. 💕

Ulrike, Netherlands

Rika trifft durch ihre Fragen zielsicher das Herz des Themas. 

Ich fühle mich bei ihr gut aufgehoben. Sie schafft einen sicheren Raum, in dem ich mich ausbreiten und entwickeln kann. 

Rika nimmt mich mit auf die Reise des Life Alignments und bringt mich mit mehr Verständnis und Verbundenheit zu mir selbst wieder zurück. Einfach Klasse. 💕 

Ulrike, Holland

Explore Blockage with Yoga Practice

Green Agate

As I walked into the room. I switched on the light. The chair twinkled. Particularly the moonstone which glowed with a deep happiness and satisfaction. The pyrite also had a spark. Like it had been refreshed. Wow, the pearls on my mini mirror are bright and the beetle is alive with gold green. The jade face is so peaceful and awake. The amber is really shining strong. Very clear and bright.They feel fresh and alive! Thank you, Rika xxx

Cathryn, United Kingdom

Clearing & Healing Crystals


Over the past 15 years I have moved several times and each time I have benefited from Rika Nishimura's Feng Shui consultancy. I am very grateful for the work she has done, for the utmost professionalism and precision. Thanks to her advice I have always had a very cosy house, where energy flows and each room was in alignment with an element"

Veronica, Italy

"Negli ultimi 15 anni ho traslocato più volte e ogni volta  ho usufruito della consulenza Feng Shui di Rika Nishimura. Sono molto grata per il lavoro che ha svolto,  per la massima professionalità e precisione. Grazie ai suoi consigli ho sempre avuto una casa molto accogliente, dove l'energia scorre e ogni stanza era in accordo con il proprio elemento.

Veronica, Italia

Classical Feng Shui Consultation - Relocation


Rika is very thorough and skilled. The date selection and advices worked very well - success was achieved! Exciting to try this out for our business! Recommended!"

Tore, Norway

Auspicious Date Selection

Aikido 2.jpg

We have asked Rika for a Feng Shui evaluation of our “Dojo” training place. Her simple, practical and very precise recommendations made our training gradually stable, energetic and attractive. The improvements helped us to have an increase in practitioners and gained popularity. Also, we have been selected and obtained an authorisation from the Aikido Head Quarters, Japan as an independent Aikido school.

Highly Recommended!

Kevin, Malta

Aikido Dojo


I have recieved many beautiful Metatronic energy healings from Rika and I highly recommend her to everyone. She is kind, warm and friendly and is able to make you feel at ease, relaxed and most importantly safe. I have tried distance healing with her whilst online the whole time and when we have arranged a time and place. I love both ways for receiving distance Metatronic healing from her. Rika is extremely professional and is a really talented and intuitive practitioner. I am so glad I found her and look forward to continued treatments from her. Rika's amazing skill set, huge open heart and generosity have helped me in all aspects of my life and I am very grateful to her for the profound help she has given me. My life is most definitely better, brighter and happier since I have met Rika and been receiving treatments from her. Thank you Rika

Carla, Costa Rica

Metatronic Healing Session & Life Alignment Balance


Rika holds a beautiful healing space. There is such elegance in her work. I have heard the vibrations of crystal bowls on two occasions throughout a healing session, which made me feel in a sphere of positive energy, it was very interesting. I have had both Life Alignment Healing and Metatronic Healing which open a pathway to healing and rejuvenation. Rika is always clear and deeply tunes in, offering nurturing and kindness as a very professional and knowledgeable practitioner.

Emily, United Kingdom

Metatronic Healing Session & Life Alignment Balance

Water Shrine Landscape

Rika’s energy work has had a profound impact on my life. During the Metatronic healing balances I received profound alignments and the experience was incredible vicarious. It really felt like a spiritual development and the impact gave me presence and flow in my daily life and not to mention the experience that magic is real with extraordinary clairvoyance experience😊

Furthermore, Rika helped me perform a space clearing session in my apartment. I don’t want to give away specific details, but this was one of the most profound experiences in my life and it will stay with me forever. Rika is a special human being with extraordinary gifts.

Marek, Sweden

Space Clearing and Personal Alignment Session

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