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This technique generates Healing for the land, property and occupants at both the Physical and Energetic level. The Collective Field is finely tuned and encompasses family, pets and all employees who reside or work in the location. At each stage of the Planning Process, the community is Balanced through an individual proxy, either remotely or in-person.

Compass directions, calculations and the numerology of the classical Chue Style Feng Shui tradition are utilised  when organising the physical structure and appearance of the property.
Layout, room assignment, furniture placement, decoration, colour, art, altars, exterior and garden planning are all taken into consideration. Chue Style Feng Shui has over millennia been exclusively applied at imperial courts in Asia. Along with close observations of our natural surroundings and how they affect us, the core of the tradition has its origin in the 64 Hexagrams of the I-Ching. It is one of the most advanced, accurate and powerful styles of Feng Shui.

Collaboration with designers and architects is offered to assist in realising the Full Functional and Esthetic Potential of any Property.

Vortex tools are used to Transform stagnant energy and Harmonise geopathic stress.This clearing includes the relationship between the occupants and the property, which is Balanced and Strengthened as personal energy blockages are released.

A bespoke meditative healing integrates this entire process, allowing the Clarity and Harmonisation to be embodied by both the property and all it's occupants.

Please note: This process requires a floorplan,  professional or hand drawn, and the date of birth of all individuals.

Refurbished Kitchen


Finding the perfect property to live in, or for a business endeavour is essential to creating Harmony in Life.

Every property has strengths and weaknesses, which we relate to differently due to our personal history and beliefs. Individual astrology, property directions, energy flow and exterior planning all play a part in the Property Selection process.

Once we are aware of the energetic influence of a particular property, we can make an informed decision. All properties have an impact on our lives, so being selectively guided to own or rent in a location with Supportive Energy is essential.

When a Property is in Harmony with us, it’s like adding a strong player to your team, which helps facilitate a win at the “Game of Life”. The better the Energetic Harmonisation, the more powerful it’s Positive Influence. Checking the suitability of a property is a very empowering step towards enjoying a more Fulfilled and Happy Life.

Restaurant Interior


Enjoy a deeper sense of Serenity, Clarity and Happiness, by Space Clearing your immediate environment and imbuing it with Pristine Light. You will experience this energetic upgrade in all areas of your life; enjoy a renewed sense of Simplicity, Grounding and the Flow of New Beginnings, by healing the history and past traumas of your Home.

Trust and honour your intuition when it comes to the energetics of your surroundings. If you feel they need a deeper energetic clearing, they probably do. Space Clearing is ideally performed on a regular basis, and fundamental to feeling Comfortable and at Ease within your environment.

harmonic space clearing has 3 phases:

1. Placement of vortex cards to prepare the property and occupants for the clearing process.

2. Releasing blockages in the Energy Flow of the property, and processing related emotions through dialogue.

3. Integration of the process by balancing the property and occupants in a Meditative Healing.

Luxurious Bedroom
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