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“To put everything in balance is good, to put everything in harmony is better.“
- Victor Hugo


At Feng Shui, we recognize the significance of comprehending the energetic impact of a location in making informed decisions. We firmly believe that compatibility is paramount when it comes to property selection. By considering personal history, dispositions, astrology, and other relevant factors, we can assist you in finding a property that is truly suitable for you. Trust your instincts and make empowered decisions with the guidance of Feng Shui

Service description:

In order to provide optimal support in selecting the most suitable feng shui property for your projects and personal life, it is imperative that we conduct a live call to view the property. During this call, we will thoroughly assess the immediate surroundings, the structures and layout of the exterior and interior, match your date of birth the property directions, and offer personalized recommendations based on fundamental principles to consider when viewing a property. Furthermore, we will guide you in taking a compass measurement on-site, which is essential information required for the assessment. Alongside the evaluation of the floor plan, we are able to promptly provide you with feedback following the on-site visit. Our aim is to provide you with timely and valuable insights to assist you in making informed decisions.

1. A floorplan - if the original architectural plans are not available a hand drawn plan suffices

2. Google maps coordinates of the property

2. Date of birth of all occupants (if possible incl. birth time and location)

3. Compass measurements taken on-site

Modern Sauna Room


Your well-being is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. It's not important, it's invaluable. Prioritize your health and treasure your well-being as your greatest wealth, and feel how everything else finds its right place in your life.


Service description:


Property selection


Personalised date selection for the relocation day


Prepare the land and property for the process (balancing procedure)


Room assignment for each family member and room selection for home office. For commercial space there is a room assignment by department and key personnel


Identify and balance the heart centre of the house (on each floor)


Identify the main aspect (energetic theme) of a room


Bed and desk positioning

Recommendation for colours and patterns


Placement suggestions for spiritual object/altar/trophies/art both in the interior and exterior (ideally one per floor as a feature)


Clearing energy stagnation on each floor and the exterior. Identify locations of stagnation and what they represent.


For home offices there is a separate process which happens in 3 stages. Clearing process, identifying core issue to be addressed, harmonising balance.


Space clearing and integration process



1. A floorplan - if the original architectural plans are not available a hand drawn plan suffices

2. Date of birth of each family member.

Compass measurements taken on-site


3. We do this together on a video call

All services are also available separately


Incorporating feng shui principles in your home business organization is a proven way to create a harmonious environment that allows things to find their natural place. By considering the universal life force energy that flows through and the property, you can create space that promotes ease and serendipity in your life. Trust in the power of feng shui to help you settle into a new property or life situation with ease and grace.


Creating a harmonious living and working environment is crucial for the wellbeing of its occupants. By transforming stagnant energy and harmonizing geopathic stress, we can reduce stress levels and improve sleep, study, and work performance. Our consultation includes room assignments, work desk and bed positioning, and exterior organization to ensure a positive impact on your overall life situation promoting both positivity and productivity.


With our consultation process, we are entirely focused on the healing of land, property, and occupants at both physical and energetic levels. Our methods finely tune the collective field, including family, pets, and all employees who work in the house. We balance the community through an individual proxy, either remotely or in-person at each stage of planning process. Our method also works on the relationship between the occupants and the property.

The Chue Style Feng Shui tradition is a unique and powerful approach to interpreting compass directions and numerological calculations. Developed over millennia and exclusively applied at imperial courts in Asia, this tradition is based on close observations of our natural surroundings and their impact on us. At its core lies the 64 Hexagrams of the I-Ching, making it one of the most advanced and effective styles of Feng Shui.

Additionally, we offer collaboration projects with architects and designers upon request and assist in realizing the functional and aesthetic potential of any property.

Luxury Kitchen


Streamline your life - we need much less than we think we need


The 3 phases of a harmonic space distant space clearing:

1. Preparing the property and occupants for the clearing process. Creating simplicity and holding field for protection.

2. Clearing and releasing of energies with sacred geometry of crystals.

3. Integration of the process and imbuing the place with an energetic quality of your choice.


Transform your life with the power of space clearing. By clearing your immediate environment and infusing it with pristine light, you can experience a deeper sense of serenity, clarity, and happiness. This energetic upgrade will bring simplicity, grounding, and the flow of new beginnings to all areas of your life. Trust in the power of space clearing and start your journey towards a more fulfilling life today.

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