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... create more joy and abundance in life

We all know houses where history seems to repeat itself. Whether it affects people's health, relationships, or finances, properties have a stronger impact on our lives than meets the eye. Since I learned to read property energies, I always saw how the reading mirrored the residents personal and professional situations. Our environment has the power to change how we think and feel about life and relate to ourselves as well as others. In a way we are quite literally co-creating our lives with the energies of our homes and land because everything is interconnected. Every life situation is enhanced by a supportive energetic environment and can be life changing.

Tell-tale signs for living in a healthy space:

It feels cosy and comfortable. Nothing about the space bothers you or feels tiring

Unexpected windfalls and blessings manifest both in material and immaterial form and feeling open to receive them

Overall wellbeing and health improvement, feeling safe and protected in the place

Being empowered and having a sense of accomplishment. "Everything is possible"

Aligning of deeply meaningful opportunities

The body is always honest:

feeling at ease, energised, expansive, and in a better place to deal with everyday life demands

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Have your place energetically cleared and imbued with pristine light to enjoy serenity, upliftment, and happiness

Always trust your intuition and honour your knowing when it comes to the energetics of your living and work space. If you sense that it needs deeper energetic clearing, it usually does. Think of how your life has changed since you moved property, to another office room, or a specific event has shifted the feel of the place. Space Clearing is an ancient tradition which is found in all cultures. A variety of tools and techniques can be applied in the process depending on the clearing purpose. The most popular tools are salt, sound, herbs, crystals, water, vortex tools, and sacred symbols just to mention a few. A clearing session is particularly beneficial at a time of new beginnings in life, childbirth, relocation, marriage, or offices and commercial space of any kind. It offers an opportunity for a fresh start and removes accumulated layers of density after intense use or conflict situations.

I also recommend it for family graves to support the process of healing the past - ancestral healing.

I work with spiritual energies to clear a site. A connection can be bridged from any distance and the healing energies arise from oneness. I work remotely and request a floorplan or a photo of the location to be cleared.

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Feng Shui is the art of understanding the potential for a prosperous urban, residential, and commercial life

Every property has strength and weaknesses. Once you are aware of the energetic influence of a place you have a choice to make a spiritually informed decision. All properties we own, whether it is an investment property or for personal use, have a positive impact on our lives if the energetic situation is well aligned. It is like adding a strong player to your personal team. The better the energetic connection the more support it may potentially provide, just like a plant which is planted in the right spot and continues to grow and thrive naturally. Since the suitability of a property is the most important factor it is also the best timing for a consultation.

I offer my assistance with selecting properties both on-site and on-plan. Moreover, I am available for viewings on behalf of my clients to pre-select best properties and sites.

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Eliminate stress and create more flow and happiness in your life

Empowering space is a healthy space. It helps to alleviate stress, allows a deeper sense of clarity and focus. While some influences are universal and affect every person in similar ways others are more specific and unfold individually. Our astrological resonance with a property, personal history, and amount of time we spend in it are key to understanding how it influences our lives. Holistic property planning concepts are based on energy readings of the land and property and create a deeper alignment with nature. Eliminating unnecessary energetic stressors provides a better foundation for a healthier life.

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Several measurements are taken at the property during an on-site visit. The Feng Shui compass below has 36 rings carrying astrological, calendric, and hexagram information. It is used to obtain subtle information about the property and finding solutions to optimise and balance the energies.

The following information is taken into account in a consulation: 

Astrology of the residents

Property directions (considering 64 directions)

Interpretation of structures and layout

Individual room assignments

Placements of personal spiritual objects

Water placement

Auspicious date selection

Installations and exterior alignment

Color recommendation and furniture arrangement

Energy enhancement with vortex cards

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Enjoy the lovely effects of energy healing and feel more energised, present, and happy

Align with the precious heart space which is always in a fluid and expansive state underneath the stresses of everyday life. Living from this place of natural wisdom and softness allows more clarity, deep peace, and fresh perspectives. Trust that every moment is right for a new beginning.

Whatever you bring to my healing space is welcome and met with simplicity, care, and holding.

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"Contained within each of us is the capacity to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary moments. All it takes is but a moment of attention"

Govinda Kai

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A healing experience is different for every person but always a journey back to wholeness - a returning to one's original place within. The intention for a deeper realignment may shift depending on the life circumstances. Whether it is meant to support a physical healing process or an emotional development of breaking patterns, rather than fixing a condition the focus is on returning to a space which was whole before it got corrupted. Expanding from that space makes everything is possible. No issue is too big for our heart.

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Modern Kitchen

I have met a lot of Feng Shui experts, Rika is the one I count on.

She's kind, passionate and absolutely brilliant in her hightly personalized suggestions.

Whether it was choosing a new property or optimizing an existing one for the whole family, we felt immediately the difference after her recommendations in terms of happiness, harmony and prosperity in that home.

I will not move again without her advice."

Francesca, Spain

Property Selection & Classical Feng Shui Consultation

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