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Properties have a stronger impact on our lives than meets the eye. I have worked in space clearing and spiritual property planning since 2008 and continuously witness the benefits of living and working in a property with a harmonious flow of energy. Essentially, the energetic signature of a house and the land it is built on, reflect in our personal life situation When everything is well aligned it enhances our daily life experience which ultimately leads to more peace, joy, and abundance in all forms.

Generally speaking, financially abundant people are naturally drawn to places which align with financial opportunities, and singles are drawn to places that promote a single lifestyle, however, these may possibly not be suitable for families. Considering every property has assets and drawbacks it is important to understand its influence to begin with.

Oftentimes we are drawn to properties which reflect our present life situation because we intuitively recognise the energy and it feels familiar. Other times we resonate with what potentially brings more balance into our lives. Victor Hugo, once said “To put everything in balance is good. To put everything in harmony is better” and I find a lot of truth in it. Sometimes a situation is not balanced but it is harmonious and other times it may be balanced but not in harmony. Whenever the energy is very different to what we find in ourselves it requires bridging so we can connect and harmonise with it. This is where the Spiritual property planning comes in to transform space into something that allows you to increase your capacity to experience life with more peace and grace.

When repetitive situations play out in life or at work it is likely that the energetics of the property are contributing to it. It is rarely created by acquired personal beliefs or inherent ancestral behaviour patterns only, simply, because we are connected with everything that surrounds us. And, we all know houses which frequently change owners and history repeats itself. These properties often need to be thoroughly space cleared and require adjustments in the exterior.

All the properties we own, whether it is commercial or residential, have an impact on our lives even if we don’t personally live in them. The extend of its influence is partly shaped by our astrological resonance. While some influences are universal and affect everyone, there are others which are more specific and unfold individually.

Spiritual property planning/selection is like a match-making process, and similar to human connections, the higher the compatibility the more natural things fall into place. Whenever energies align with our intention the house becomes our ally and supports us in anything we do. The more support we have, the better our position to be present, be the best version of ourselves, and manifest the life we want.

There are many facets to spiritual work around properties. These involve consideration of astrological factors, energetic qualities of a location, property directions, as well as structures, layout, and forms. All these are interconnected through the 64 Hexagrams which are also called the spiritual DNA. This is truly my foundation work in relation to properties. Furniture arrangement, colour harmonies, perspectives, room assignment, vortex alignment, and space clearing are part of the final stage of a consultation - the crowning of the process.



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Property Selection & Classical Feng Shui Consultation

I have met a lot of Feng Shui experts, Rika is the one I count on.

She's kind, passionate and absolutely brilliant in her hightly personalized suggestions.

Whether it was choosing a new property or optimizing an existing one for the whole family, we felt immediately the difference after her recommendations in terms of happiness, harmony and prosperity in that home.

I will not move again without her advice."

Francesca, Spain

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