Terms and Conditions


1. Coverage & Subject of the Contract

The content of the contract are as follows: Feng Shui consultation and analysis, other services based on the teachings of feng shui principles.

The service includes recommendations and suggestions for space and building structures and design, and do not represent any cure or medical indication.

Implementations of the feng shui recommendations are at the discretion of the client. A warranty of success is thereby not given. The contractor performs the consultation to the best of her knowledge.

The conditions stated in the agreement apply exclusively


2. Privacy & Confidentiality

The client agrees to provide all required information available for the purpose of a feng shi consultation. All personal data shall solely be saved and processed for the purpose of a consultation and not to be passed on to any third party. Both parties are obliged to keep all personal information confidential beyond the period of contractual relationship.


3. Copyright

All services of the contractor (e.g. reports etc.) are protected by copyright. The client obtains by payment of the fee, the right for personal use of the information only. Any duplication, distribution or publication is prohibited.


4. Terms of Payment

All payments that are not subject to special agreement must be settled within 3 days of receipt of invoice. Beyond the deadline mentioned above, the client is in default without the need for a reminder.


In case of cancellation of a contract or order, the client is obliged to replace any travel expenses and consultation hours that have taken place (minimum 10% of the total amount of the cost estimate incl. VAT)


5. Liability

In case of recommendations for purchasing any objects, such as interior items, are merely suggestions. The client is responsible for selecting the product and its usage. The contractor is excluded from any warranty, damage claims or absence of expected profit or improvement resulting from the product purchase or consultation.


6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Law & Court of Jurisdiction: Malta


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