Was It Love At First Sight?


Oftentimes I hear that it was ‘love at first sight’ when they found the house. They saw the property and knew that it was just for them. And yet, I am called in to take a look a few years down the line - Nobody calls for help when everything is alright… So, what Ahas changed since?


Apart from rare exceptions, the Feng Shui situation of a home reflects many aspects of the resident’s personal life. In other words, people resonate with what is familiar to them. Hence, the closer the energy of a house reflects the personal situation, the more the resident is magically drawn to it. It feels familiar, therefore comfortable, almost like accidentally meeting an old friend in a foreign country. However, as time passes, personal goals in life may shift and that is precisely when something begins to feel off or uncomfortable about the house. There is an un-match between the energy of the property and the residents.


Hence a single person often resonates with a property that supports a single person’s lifestyle. Those types of homes rarely support relationships. So as long as they are in accord with the property energy, everything feels right. But when life changes and a new partner enters their life, it may become challenging to sustain a relationship in the very same house.


The aim is to find a property that suits the residents regardless of changing life situations. Buying a property is a long-term financial commitment, so it is worth the patience and effort put into finding the right property at this stage rather than trying to fix a situation after the buy. A Feng Shui assessment is most valuable at this point as it explains the potential energetic qualities of a property and how it may affect your personal life in the long run.



A consultation at this stage will make it easier to choose the one best suited – for you.


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Sample 1


Here is an example from a pre-purchase consultation report:
The client was looking for a residential property for his family. The property’s direction and its layout were taken into consideration along with the astrological details of the family.

“…this property is potentially a good office. It may bring many opportunities for new projects, supports finances, and has a stable energy.

However, should you decide to make it your home – that is a different matter – as you would be using the rooms most suitable for a workspace to sleep in. This wouldn’t be beneficial for health – nor finances. In the long term, this property will not be very supportive for your health and wellbeing. Although it suits the mother in the family, it unfortunately does not match with the rest of the family.”

Sample 2


“... this property has a stable energy which shall remain this way for a long time. It is well balanced and therefore nurturing. The active and quiet areas within these premises match the layout and structure. You can therefore benefit from sleeping in the room with regenerative energy while the active areas are in the kitchen and livingroom.

There is a positive representation of health, financial, and social aspects. It is particularly supportive to the children, future generations and a flourishing energy. This type of property has a stabilizing effect on the residents."


Sample 3


“…even though the unobstructed view of this property is very positive, there are various reasons I would not recommend it. Looking at the structure, the energy is all about division. This may potentially affect all areas in your life, meaning, it can be a division of feminine and masculine energy, division in opinion within the family or family business and community. It can also represent indecisiveness. Another aspect is the center of the property being obstructed by a wall. This is a very important area as it represents the center and the heart of the residents.

Moreover, having two exactly opposing entrance doors is a layout we would like to avoid since the entering energy is directed out of the property in the same line. Regarding the direction of the premises, the energy moves very fast. The areas that ought to have the slower, more quiet energy are very active and the areas which should have the quiet energy are too dynamic. This should be the other way around. Here, the slow energy is in the facing, which represents the future and economic activities. The site energy which represents health, accumulated wealth (savings), is too active, in fact, it is in the most active direction of all. As a metaphor - Living here in the long run will be like constant shift work. During the day where you are supposed to be active, you would be sleeping and during the night when you are supposed to sleep, you would be active.”


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