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Hi, my name is Rika, and my work focuses on creating Nurturing and Empowering Spaces for my clients. I am second-generation Japanese, born in Germany in 1972. A registered member of the German Association of Professional Feng Shui Practitioners and Geomancy, a certified Advanced Metatronic Healing and Life practitioner, and a Home Alignment and Life Alignment practitioner.

I started my journey providing Classical Feng Shui consultations, Date Selection services, and Bazi Astrology readings in 2008. As I continued my journey of Spiritual Property Healing, I acquired further skills and training, to enhance my ability to support clients with more specific issues.

My consultations have evolved and expanded with me, and I take clients on a journey of self-discovery, energetically exploring their environment to improve their Quality of Life.

I work with 3 pillars of different healing arts for my consultations - Space Clearing, Fundamental Feng Shui planning, and a Home/Business Alignment process, to address the most important aspects of Property Harmonisation.

Enhancing the Flow of Life is the purpose of the harmonic space process. It is the foundation for a Healthy, Happy, and Fulfilling Life.

My work facilitates a unique opportunity to change directions in life, and create Powerful New Beginnings. It brings an understanding of how old behaviours affect us, and therefore can be harmonised. The clearing of the history of a property and organising the space within it, establishes new lifestyle habits and enables a Fresh Start.

The health of our property is as necessary as the health of our physical bodies.

About Rika: Image
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About Rika: Image
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