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Tatami Dining Experience


Since 2008

harmonic space is dedicated to creating both living and working environments, which promote Peace and Happiness.

Living in Harmony with all aspects of Life, is fundamental to our personal growth since we are all part of Nature.

Harmony balances the Heart and Mind - bringing Wisdom to emotion and Compassion to thought.

When properties are planned in harmony with the Natural Laws of form and Earth energies, they aesthetically blend in with the surroundings, and enhance our environment. Being in alignment with the Laws of Nature, helps promote Silence of the Mind, deeper Clarity and Expansion in all areas of Life.

This vibrational upgrade of Beneficial Energies, is then noticeable in all areas of our everyday experience.

The demand for Wellness and Comfort in commercial, public, and living environments is increasing. Integrating Eco Design and Spiritual Property Planning creates a heightened Positive experience that enhances all of these projects.

Spiritual property and urban planning systems are based on the art of Living in Harmony with Nature. Individually, and as a community, we can thrive when we are nurtured by our environment to express our True Potential

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