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Living in harmony with nature is a fundamental need for all of us. We are nature and embody all aspects of it. Our natural habitat has the power to silence the mind, align with our heart space, and is deeply healing. And, in different ways we can recreate that healing space in buildings. When properties are planned in harmony with the natural environment, they not only aesthetically blend in with the surroundings but even enhance the whole area energetically. You may like to think of it as an activation of an energy pulse of the land.

Feng Shui is the art of living in harmony with nature which allows us to breath and move with nature. We thrive when nature thrives.

Based on close observation of natural occurrences, the harmonic teachings relate to urban planning, property design, astrology, nutrition, traditional medicine, even weather forecasting.

A balanced environment promotes a balanced state within us where the heart and mind (Yin & Yang) are coherent. It brings wisdom to emotions and compassion to thought.

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Everything that surrounds us has an impact on our state of being beyond the conscious experience. Enhancing the energies of our immediate living and working environment therefore helps us align with a deeper sense of abundance, inner power, and joy. A bespoke personal space is always in alignment with nature and thereby nourishing and supportive. It may put us in a better position to be more present at work, allow deeper relaxation, and improve everyday life experience. Moreover, land and property are powerful allies to manifest what you wish for in every sphere of life - harmonic space

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Modern Kitchen

I have met a lot of Feng Shui experts, Rika is the one I count on.

She's kind, passionate and absolutely brilliant in her hightly personalized suggestions.

Whether it was choosing a new property or optimizing an existing one for the whole family, we felt immediately the difference after her recommendations in terms of happiness, harmony and prosperity in that home.

I will not move again without her advice."

Francesca, Spain

Property Selection & Classical Feng Shui Consultation

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