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All healing is anchored in Universal Oneness and powerfully arises from there, allowing us to Transform our surroundings in accordance with the Laws of Nature.

Imagine interacting with your home and work environment at the deepest level, and decoding the True Nature of your surroundings. The manifest world is a mirror which reflects our inner landscape back to us, and shapes our state of Being beyond our Awareness encouraging our Evolution.

Space Clearing is one of the easiest ways to empower our Consciousness to expand into a deeper sense of Abundance, Inner Power, and Joy. A bespoke, spiritually-aligned Space creates a balanced environment which assists us to feel more at Home within. We can then nurture ourselves, and expand our capacity to handle whatever shows up in our lives.

When a property is in alignment with Nature, we can effortlessly embody our Highest Potential. Our environment reflects back to us the supportive energy of the Universe, which creates more Flow and Ease, further enhancing our everyday life experience.

Land and Property are our powerful allies, helping us manifest the Life of our Dreams - harmonic space

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Modern Kitchen

I have met a lot of Feng Shui experts, Rika is the one I count on.

She's kind, passionate and absolutely brilliant in her hightly personalized suggestions.

Whether it was choosing a new property or optimizing an existing one for the whole family, we felt immediately the difference after her recommendations in terms of happiness, harmony and prosperity in that home.

I will not move again without her advice."

Francesca, Spain

Property Selection & Classical Feng Shui Consultation

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