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harmonic space is a professional feng shui consultancy specializing in feng shui auditing and property selection. Clients range from residential appointments to companies of all industries including retail stores, restaurants and offices from various business sectors.



Rika is very thorough and skilled. The date selection and advices worked very well - success was achieved! Exciting to try this out for our business! Recommended!


Tore F, Norway

Auspicious Date Selection Service for advertising campaigns and website launch (IT Sector)

Rika’s BaZi reading has been really helpful. She has been able to clarify different areas of my life in a very simple and yet very detailed way. She has been very kind and keen to let me understand what is going on in my life and which steps I could make to improve and go forward. Her approach is really practical and “down to earth" therefore it makes it easy to implement in your daily life all the wisdom and suggestions that she shares during the reading. I strongly recommend it!


Donato P, Italy

BaZi Horoscope Reading

Rika did a Feng Shui consultation for our home and we found her very thorough and knowledgeable. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.


Hanako and Daniel H, Germany

Feng Shui consultation for a residential property

The move to the new home went very well, it is like the beginning of a new life, we are all very happy and light.


Francesca C, Malta

Property Selection & Auspicious Date Selection Service

"... I am so glad with the new arrangement of my place, you really made my day (s) as I am still reorganising everything and it feels like a new home!"
Celine W.d.W, France
Classical Feng Shui consultation for a residential property